Of Portrait Artist Tatiana V.Favella. May 2020


National Autonomous University of Mexico.
Master’s Degree in Public Health and Legislation. Esc. de Salud Pública, de la S.S.A.
Adviser to the Gral . Coordinated Public Health Services
SSA. Dosage: Zoonosis. Unam. 1970 ,71, 72.
University of Guadalajara, Public Health and Legslacion. .1974-76


Academy Of San Carlos, Mexico City. Esc. is Jalisco Plastic Arts.
1st. Exhibition 1973. Collective: Casa de la Cultura de Guadalajara.
1976: Full-time painter. 1973 to 1987
9 Collective exhibitions with various themes in Guadalajara Jal. Sold all works
1981-.88 : 27 Portraits VIP in various techniques and measures.

Return to Baja California. Rosarito Beaches: Headquarters
Participation in Collective Exhibitions in Rosarito, Tijuana, Mexicali and Imperial Valley.
1989-95. Member of american Group Woman Of The West
1990-96 Participation in Workshops and partnership with portrait artists in the USA
1995,-98-1999 . production and exhibition of its Anthropological Historical Collection
1999. First exhibition in USA «THE ENIC GROUPS OF B.C. Historical Society of San Diego. And museums in California, USA.

2o. Historic Collection: THE MODERN CALIFORNIOS: 10 VIP Portraits, Sold. 2005

She paints too Equine Art, surrealistic figure an anotherand diverses themes about de Mexican Revolution. She can paint any kind of techniques.

Tatiana has been a Member of a large diversity of art associations in E.U., like Portrait Society of America, Portrait Painter Group
Portrait Institute, Museums and Art Galleries Group Members, Art Professional Worldwide Group and much more.

Since 2017:
Her work has been published by World Wide Books, in the X11 International Contemporary Masters.

A world-renowned publisher, so she is now invited by foreign galleries and annual ex-sales events in Miami, New York, San Diego and Las Vegas. His work has been part of the heritage of the Metropolitan Gallery of Las Vegas since 2017.

Tatiana is founding president of la Power Art Association. who has created The Hidalgo of the Year Award, which is awarded to Altruists, was given for the first time to Governor Jerry Edmond Brown of Ca. for their ongoing work on behalf of migrants

In 2019, his Anthropological Collection was exhibited at the Tijuana Cultural Center in August and Sept., coinciding with the 20 years of exhibitions.